The Best Way To Display Your Art

Choosing the right acrylic display product is certain to relate to the type of object you want to display. Acrylic stands come in different sizes and shapes to match most needs. They are widely used to display pamphlets, business cards, brochures, and collectibles (fine china, jewellery, toys, etc). Modu Exhibitions are often clear and see-through, but they can also come in solid colours to help showcase a certain object. Acrylic is a versatile material, and can also appear in windshields, aquariums and signs. 

Below are three major reasons to use the acrylic display stands: 


A key quality of the acrylic material is the ability to mold it into a multitude of shapes. The pliable material makes it possible to produce cases, stands, racks, holders and wall mounts in a preferred shape and size to match the different display needs. Customized displays are easy to buy to make sure the most attractive stand is possible. This material is weather-resistant, so a perfect choice for outside use at trade shows or similar events. However, transparent acrylic can start to yellow if left exposed to bright sunlight for extended periods. It is possible to use the colored displays to avoid these issues. Acrylic is not a biodegradable material, but it is possible to recycle and reuse for other projects in the future. 


The lightweight construction of the acrylic material makes it easier to use at trade shows or similar on-the-go events compared to the much heavier wood or metal-based stands. Acrylic is easy to keep clean and maintain with the proper handling. This material is cleaned using a regular Plexiglas cleaning solution and water. To avoid scratches or makes, use a soft sponge or kitchen towel to clean the surface. A regular clean once or twice a month should be enough to maintain the shine. 


Since the acrylic material is not subject to rusting, decay, breakage or decomposition like other materials (wood, metal and glass) it can last longer and doesn’t need replacing as often. Also, the temporary walls stands can be used for much longer and in more situations without having to be concern with breakage. It is sturdier than the glass shelving units or stands and much less likely to break or shatter. Durability is a key issue with display stands at art or trade shows, and acrylic is certain to offer one of the most resilient and desirable options.


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