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Cheap phone cards, Prepaid international calling cards

We offer you the cheapest prepaid calling cards for US available today . Some of these phone cards work from over 50 countries, allowing you to call almost anywhere in the world with just one card.

Buy calling cards online from your Home 24 hours a day 7 days a week and make a call from anywhere, anytime. Enjoy High Quality of connection with the Lowest Rates.

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international calling cards
US 2¢   Philippines 13.4¢ 
Bulgaria 7.4¢   Poland 5.6¢ 
Canada 2.3¢   Russia 2.3¢ 
China 3.3¢   Singapore 3.2¢ 
Germany 2.3¢   Turkey 16¢ 
India 12.9¢   United Kingdom 2.3¢ 
Pakistan 24¢   Uzbekistan 16¢ 
Peru 8¢   All Rates >> 

calling cards  
international calling cards
US 2.9¢   Philippines 13.4¢ 
Bulgaria 11.9¢   Poland 5.6¢ 
Canada 5.9¢   Russia 2.4¢ 
China 4.6¢   Singapore 5.9¢ 
Germany 5.9¢   Turkey 19.9¢ 
India 16.4¢   United Kingdom 2.9¢ 
Pakistan 24.2¢   Uzbekistan 17.9¢ 
Peru 13.9¢   All Rates >> 



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